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When we launched the Stones Throw Video Contest back in April to celebrate our 15th year as a record label, we never imagined that when it wrapped up at the end of July, we'd have over 100 videos to watch. PB Wolf watched each one, and we'll be announcing 15 winners and runners-up from this weekend through Tuesday, August 16.

Below is another 35 videos, ultimately making up our "top 50." Short notes by Wolf. Stay tuned for the winners.

ALOE BLACC "MISS FORTUNE" from Good Things, by Shan B., Los Angeles CA. Shot, styled, acted well.

J ROCC "STOP TRYING" from Some Cold Rock Stuf, by Mac Smullin, New York, NY. Eerie.

MADVILLAIN/DOOMSTARKS "VICTORY LAP" from Stones Throw Podcast 64, by Minnesota Black. Short but good.

J DILLA "TIME: DONUT OF THE HEART" from Donuts, by Scott McCambridge, Grand Rapids, MI. Lots of Dilla and footage from some other guys you may have seen around.

QUASIMOTO "GREENERY" from Further Adventures of Lord Quas, by 4MATT. Simpsons footage, lip synched. Timing worked well.

FUNKAHO "GOATWORLD" by BobbyMilk. Psych. Lotta spinning. Found footage.

QUASIMOTO "THE UNSEEN" from The Unseen, by Steven Daniels, Oxnard CA. Funny. Animation using Jank’s bad character.

J DILLA "DILLA SAYS GO" from Donuts, by Shooooohei.

J DILLA "SAFETY DANCE" from Donut Shop, by Morgan Jones, Hawaii. Cat on laptop and ghost dancing.

DUDLEY PERKINS "FLOWERS" from A Lil' Light, by San Craven, London UK. Jellyfish and bubbles and singing fish.

YESTERDAYS NEW QUINTET "BROKEN DREAMS" from Angles Without Edges, by Antony Hutchette, Paris. Animations over footage of girl shot in a Paris street.

J DILLA "SHOUTS" from Ruff Draft, by JC Morice. Took a lot of work. Pretty literal, but fun.

J DILLA "U-LOVE" from Donuts, by JC Morice, Paris. Big heads on little bodies. Simple, but very effective.

MADLIB "TELEGRAM" from Strong Arm Steady's Stoney Jackson Instrumentals, by Cerebellum Works

QUASIMOTO "RAPPCATS" from Further Adventures of Lord Quas, by Eric Cunha. Made years before the video contest, but still a great clip.

J DILLA "LIGHTWORKS" from Donuts, by Michael Shainblum, San Diego. Reminds me of an ad for Apple. Psychedelic.

LINEAR MOVEMENT "WAY OUT LIVING" from Minimal Wave Tapes, by Pulpo PRD. 1940s Found footage of hearts beating, bald man lip synch, dog.

ARABIAN PRINCE "STATIC" by Jason Jagel. Not a Stones Throw song, but love the drawing style. Little too short.

J DILLA "TIME: DONUT OF THE HEART" from Donuts, by Michael Benkovich. Lots of scenery in Isreal and Russia with Dilla “billboards” on top.

J DILLA "SAFETY DANCE" from Donut Shop, by Wasteman TV. Bald man walking the streets. 

MADVILLAIN "STRANGE WAYS" from Madvillainy, by Campbell. Blond girl with black pleather dress. Red head guy with hole in his head puts in jump drive. 

J DILLA "TIME: DONUT OF THE HEART" by Robin. Animated effect. Simple, but looked good.

"EVEN ZOMBIES GET DOWN TO DILLA" by Calvin Jhunjhnuwala. Weird S&M take on J Dilla. Lots of “Thriller” makeup.

JAYLIB "PILLZ" by MansaRocket. Funny and nutty.

ALOE BLACC "TAKE ME BACK" from Good Things, by Zebulon Griffin. Gambling, women, and guns. Similar to MED's "Classic" video.

J DILLA "SAFETY DANCE" from Donut Shop, by Paul Dunkley/LEON Studio. Girl training & boxing. Shot well.

MADLIB "BLAST" from Beat Konducta #5-6: Tribute to J Dilla, by James D. Found footage. Shooting spree.

J DILLA "STOP" from Donuts, by Tom Malenica. Guy breaks window in building and car and thinks about it after.

BARON ZEN "GHETTO GALAXY" from Electrick Surgery EP, by Sideways Burnouts. 2 surgeons and other chaos.

BARON ZEN "WHERE I HEAR MUSIC" from At The Mall, by Sideways Burnoouts. Found footage. Singing skeletons from all different sources.

YESTERDAYS NEW QUINTET "THE SCIENCE" from Uno Esta 12", by Jonathan Martin animated. B&W circles and bones. Liked the look.

J DILLA "DON'T CRY" from Donuts, by PelecanDesign. Gene Kelly skating. Like this one even though it’s only Gene Kelly film.

J DILLA "GOBSTOPPER" from Donuts, by Bobsmade. J Dilla Portrait on a fitted cap paint with acrylics.

KOUSHIK "BEEP 20" from Beep Tape, by Tree Wylah. Gorilla in a suit gets in an elevator, jumps on the Metro, and runs around town.

J DILLA "LIGHTWORKS" from Donuts, by Scott Taylor. Hooray for the bunny rabbit.