J.Rocc and M.E.D. will tour Japan in Japanese Holidays “Golden Week” for 5 shows. Stussy, who is presenting the tour, will also release tour T-shirt, which will be announced shortly. They’re starting the tour in Sendai to make up for a planned show last year which was cancelled because of the tragic earthquake & tsunami, read: We love Japan!

On Facebook: Stones Throw Japan Tour 2012

4/27, Fri: SENDAI at ADD
4/28, Sat: TOKYO at VISION “L.A. x TOKYO HipHop Fest.”
4/30, Mon: NAGOYA at JB’S
5/1, Tue: FUKUOKA -Oilworks Technics- at Blackout (J Rocc only)
5/3, Thu: OSAKA -Props- at Azure (MED only)

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