Stimulator Jones had a track called “Soon Never Comes” on Sofie's SOS Tape late last year. Here's his new single, “Need Your Body” — debut album to follow in 2018.

Stimulator Jones is the latest signing to Stones Throw. His music never draws on just one place or time, instead dipping into a range of styles and periods from the 1970s and '80s to the present day. "American music is the result of a variety of humans from diverse cultural backgrounds combining and sharing their expressions and being free of restrictions," he says, "Any categorical borders or boundaries are illusions. I was raised in a household where soul, rock, folk, country, jazz, blues, funk, reggae, rap, opera and classical music were all played side by side. To me, the appreciation of such a wide mix of sounds is perfectly natural."

After his start in the music world as a hip-hop DJ, Stimulator Jones began writing songs, and his ballad “Soon Never Comes” was featured on the Stones Throw compilation Sofie’s SOS Tape. Peanut Butter Wolf took note and immediately signed Jones to his label. A singer and multi-instrumentalist who can play anything you set in front of him — from banjo and fiddle to harmonica and sitar — Stimulator insists on playing all the instruments on his songs himself, for complete and total control over the results.

The Appalachian city of Roanoke, VA is better known for old-time bluegrass than R&B and might seem an unlikely hometown for Stimulator Jones, but he believes "all music comes from the same place and shares the same roots. It all stems from the original vibration." As for where the name Stimulator Jones came from? All will be revealed on a debut album, out next year on Stones Throw.

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