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Sofie’s SOS Tape is a compilation of underground’s best hip-hop and soul curated by Sofie Fatouretchi, one of the original crew of Boiler Room. Available now at Stones Throw, everywhere else 12/16/16.

Mndsgn & Sofie “Abeja” from Sofie's SOS Tape:

With 24 songs and 26 artists, SOS Tape is an insiders look on emerging acts across the US and abroad: ISSUE (San Francisco Bay Area-based artist and E40’s son) brings space age rap on “Ferrari”; southern producer Stimulator Jones brings R&B stunner “Soon Never Comes.” 

Other standout tracks include the Fred Fades-produced ballad “WatchingYou” which features the incredible voice of New York via Oslo musician Charlotte Dos Santos – a video of this track coming up next week.

Sofie’s SOS Tape ties into her radio show of the same name on the London-based channel NTS. An enticing selection of artists that should be on your radar, this mix brings tracks that otherwise would have stayed floating in DJ sets, shows, and personal mixtapes to the light.

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The compilation is a 2 LP vinyl release (shipping December 16) with album art by Gustavo Eandi. Interview with the artist.

Listen to Stimulator Jones “Soon Never Comes” from Sofie's SOS Tape:

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