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Inspired funk legend Steve Arrington returns with his newest single “The Joys of Love,” soulfully produced by Mndsgn and Devin Morrison. In Arrington’s words, “‘The Joys of Love’ is a ‘trust me song.’ A song of fun when it all goes right. A song of thanks for every day of life.”

On working together for “The Joys of Love,” Devin Morrison stated that Arrington “truly set an example for how we want our attitudes to age throughout our careers.” Mndsgn expanded on the sentiment, “Steve’s ability to remain wide open and vulnerable to the creative spirit is remarkable. It’s dope to see someone who’s put in decades, still have the same child-like enthusiasm as when you discover something new.”

Arrington recently collaborated with Thundercat on the single “Black Qualls”, which featured on Thundercat’s new album It Is What It Is and was performed live on Jimmy Kimmel. He also performed live at The Roots Annual Grammy Jam. Arrington has been working on several other collaborations, which will be released on Stones Throw later in 2020.

Dayton, Ohio’s Arrington got his start behind the drums in the group Slave in the 70’s, but he’s perhaps most known as the lead singer of their classic 80’s funk songs “Watching You” and “Just A Touch Of Love”. Steve went solo in 1983 and had a successful career on his own throughout the 80’s before leaving the secular music world for almost two decades to devote himself to spiritual work in the ministry. He began releasing music again in 2009 with Pure Thang and his debut on Stones
Throw – Higher (2013) – was produced in collaboration with Dam-Funk.

His music has greatly influenced the hip hop generation, having been sampled by Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharrell, 50 Cent, 2Pac, De La Soul, Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Ice Cube, E-40, N.W.A, and Pitbull. Arrington is constantly evolving in his musical legacy and will continue to inspire generations of artists to come.

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