The Steoples – “From the Otherside” – a new track from the latest name at Stones Throw. The Steoples are Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker ("GB") and Yeofi Andoh. Expect an album this summer.

GB: "the otherness of this video feels a lot like the otherness of the song … both can be taken for what they are literally and/or figuratively but would probably be best enjoyed with as open a mind as you can bring to them. enjoy the journey." – GB

Yeofi: "'From the Otherside' is two lyrical vignettes which alternate between a narrator and first person perspective. Both vignettes explore the unspoken but intuitively felt connectivity that exits in life, the sublime communication channel you might say. In the first scenario this is expressed between two lovers as a telepathic connection. In the second from an imprisoned mind, expressed as a hearts yearning that calls to love itself for relief."

And from the director, Alan Algee: "It's a story of how surrendering to love can unlock powers and visions that unite all living souls to one understanding- the beauty of being at peace." –

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