The Steoples are the avant-soul duo of GB and Yeofi, back with their new single ‘Alas Alice’, out now on Stones Throw.

“‘Alas Alice’ is a tale of love confounded,” says Yeofi. “It’s an endless cycle of going back and forth, in and out, round and around.” Mixing rich harmony, confessional lyrics, dreamy strings and Yeofi’s epic vocals, ‘Alas Alice’ is the duo’s first release since their debut album, Six Rocks, on Stones Throw in 2017.

Friends for over fifteen years, Yeofi and GB combine their varying musical worlds as The Steoples. Originally from rural England, Yeofi played with several UK-based bands before moving to Los Angeles. He has since collaborated with artists including Theo Parrish and DJ Spinna under the moniker A Race of Angels.

Gifted & Blessed, The Abstract Eye, and Frankie Reyes are just some of the aliases GB has used to release his music. Over the last four years, he has been a Stones Throw regular, releasing two albums as Frankie Reyes on the label, which were both created on the analogue Oberheim synthesizer: Boleros Valses y Mas in 2016 and Originalitos in 2020.

Look out for more new music from The Steoples in 2021.

The Steoples photo by Roman Koval. ‘Alas Alice’ artwork by Jakob Dwight.

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