EVIL DEE: Aight, so what’s going on man? What brings you to this side?

MADLIB: Rockin’ a couple shows out here, come to get my DJ on. I’m a DJ [first, then] a producer, then an MC.

That’s like myself, I’m a DJ and a producer, not an MC though, ‘cuz I’m wack on the mic! I’ll let you know that right now. Evil Dee will not be rhyming! [Laughter.]

I been DJing since ’83 – pop’s records, I been in my aunt’s closet and stuff, you know…

I started off stealing my brother’s [Mr. Walt] records and doing my parties, getting my ass whipped later! A lot of cats don’t dig no more, what’s your feeling on that? Have cats started to downplay sampling?

They’re probably just trying to get their money on or something ’cause you gotta clear loops and stuff. Some cats don’t want to do that; they’d rather keep the dough. I like to loop shit.

What equipment do you use?

The SP [1200] and bangin’ records!

A lot of cats don’t understand the SP. I had to confront some producers, ’cause they said it was a toy.

SP is hard man.

How many cats tell you “Yo, that shit is dead now, son! Why don’cha get an MPC?”

Everybody tries to bring this technology shit to me. I just need my records and my SP; that’s how I started. Look at Pete Rock! [He] used an SP to the point that cats was like “Yo, he got a special SP!
That’s who made me get an SP!

Do you think that EMU should make a new SP?

I like the old one but they could add some more shit up in there. I’m a still use it regardless.

What they need to do – if they gonna do something like that – make it so you can switch it back and make it sound like the old SP. They could put more time on it… When you dig, without giving up too much information, what types of stuff are you looking for?

Ain’t nothing in particular, I just try to look for something somebody probably ain’t messing with. I’ll even take something off the VCR now, just noises and stuff… I don’t limit myself, I’ll use anything.

I haven’t heard no wack shit yet, and please keep it that way! [Laughter.] So your father really had an influence on your music, right?

My father [Otis Jackson Sr.] did Rhythm n’ Blues records, some independent type Stuff. On some of his records he used to chill with [David] Axelrod and all of them cats. My uncle [Jon Faddis] is a jazz musician, he played with Roy Ayers and James Brown.

How do you feel about these compilations that come out?

I don’t really trip off that, some cats just don’t know how to dig.

I ain’t gonna front, when I’m doing DJ gigs and I don’t want to bring my original out, I’ll buy one of them joints.


What kind of equipment you work with in the studio? Protools or analog?


I ain’t gonna front, I messed with the Roland 1680!

I got one of those … shit sound good on that.

What kind of mic you use?

Whatever, I ain’t rich so I do what I gotta do, I’d rap through some headphones if I gotta.

Got any future projects coming out?

With my crew. I got my man Medaphoar coming out. I’m doing an album with MF Doom.

Oh word! I’m tryin to catch him!

Worked with JD; a new Blue Note remix album. What are you doing? Maybe we’ll collabo one day!

Right now I’m doing a new Blackmoon album, that’s like Evil Dee and Mr. Walt by themselves.

‘Bout time!!

We’re out. Any shout outs?

Big up everybody who listens to my shit!

Big up the SP 1200! [Laughter.]

No doubt!

Interview by DJ Evil Dee. Photos: Isak Tiner

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