Homeboy Sandman: This cut is called "Happy Thanksgiving." It's the story of a Native American going out like a champ before being slaughtered by European settlers. It was produced by Psycho Les of The Beatnuts.

"The antidote to feel-good history is not feel-bad history but honest and inclusive history." – James Loewen, Lies My Teacher Told Me


head high and not hung low
all i had left was 2 arrows and 1 bow
basically my tribe is all gone, all slaughtered by assault from the blonde haired johnsons and monroes
got my flint knife for whoever who come close
i'ma do geronimo proud, i'm going out gung ho
pretty clear how this whole thing is gon' unfold
i ain't really got no reason to run fo'
if these white boys gon' turn me to deceased
then i'ma find out which ones coming with me
before the muskets come turn me to minced meat
i'ma show these sons of bitches i ain't no pipsqueak
how i'm going down still remains a mystery
one thing's fo' sho' i'ma go down in history
my brother went down from a shot that had missed me
but this is not the time to be gettin' all misty
just then a tree branch snapped behind me
one of these euros is ready to find me
stealing my home? these villains, not me
scalped his whole dome like i's killing a zombie
went to take his blade
oh, he ain't have one
i guess sniping on prey from long range is mad fun
you know what's ironic when it come to the fair ones?
none of them would ever think of shooting the fair one
maybe they was sore 'cause we ain't want none of their stuff
ours is what was hot, we was just trying to share some
knew that they was trippin' when they said they was gonna pay us something
by the way, wassup with this religion? these prayers suck
now i see why they tried to force that
just then two more rode up on horseback
let em slide for killing my kin? nah, not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin or my ballsack
crept up without making a racket
'caught one in the middle of the back with a hatchet
other one grimaced as he witnessed him catch it
started loading gunpowder into the ratchet
before he got to finish i had turned him to fragments
but he let out a loud scream as soon as i stabbed him
let the other's know where i was at like a address
next thing i know they drawn to me like magnets
now i'm caught in a ambush
two or three hundred versus one is a bad look
but i'll shame the ancestors if i'm shook
i'm caving in a white man chest with a right hook
from the back i caught a blow to the head though
i'm tryna hold it down but my vision is red though
i feel my spirit leaving but i don't wanna let go
i'm tryna take another scalp as a memento
but now i'm catching a beat down
musket butt knocked two or three of my teeth out
really starting to feel the agony of defeat now
losing mad blood, really starting to leak now
something was mad sharp
entered at my left shoulder almost split me apart
seen my whole life from the start as my last thought
then everything got dark

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