DUPPY GUN IS OUTER ORBIT DANCEHALL made by a collective consisting of producers from the U.S. and vocalists from Jamaica. The producers: Sun Araw and M Geddes Gengras, with friends Alex Grey (aka Genesis Hull, D/P/I), Peaking Lights, Matthewdavid and others. The vocalists are artists from the Portsmore, Jamaica district, where their material was also recorded.

The album MULTIPLY: DUPPY GUN PRODUCTIONS was released this week, and the group celebrates with a release party in Los Angeles on November 22. Alex Grey (as Genesis Hull) has also produced this mixtape of Duppy Gun material, Who Feels It Knows It, released in cooperation with Dummy Mag.

Tickets, Info: Duppy Gun Productions Record Release Session @ Jewel's Catch One.

Dummy Mag: What are the roots of Duppy Gun? How did it get started?

Cameron Stallones: "DUPPY GUN got started when Ged and I traveled to JAMAICA to make an album with roots-reggae legends THE CONGOS. While we were there, we met too many musicians to withstand the temptation to collaborate, so we began a dialogue with several vocalists and began traveling down to the island to work on tracks."

Dummy Mag: How has the music changed or evolved since you started going out to Jamaica in 2011 to now?

Cameron Stallones: "After the first few 12"s, Ged and I decided to involve more producers than just ourselves, so a lot of different voices got added to the DUPPY SOUND. The more time we have spent amongst DUPP'D sounds, the more clearly we have come to understand the terrain and map new territories in it. DUPPY is an important feeling and it's essential to curate it properly in order to strengthen it."

Dummy Mag: Can you tell us about the Duppy Gun album/collection? Who are the musicians and MCs involved?

Cameron Stallones: "This album includes everything we've recorded thus far, most of it has not yet been released on the first four 12"s. The MCs are a growing family of people we've had the good fortune to meet: Early One, Day One, I Jahbar, Fyah Flames, Lukan-I, G Sudden, Bookfa, Cerassietea, and Singing Crazy to be exact. They range from more established roots singers to fisherman to very young neighborhood kids. There are riddims from Ged and I, Alex Gray (D/P/I), Matthewdavid, Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights), and Butchy Fuego (San Gabriel)."