This is Rejoicer performing “Third Eye Jungle Run” and “Aura Sight” from the album Spiritual Sleaze.

“This was filmed in my studio in Savyon, just outside Tel Aviv. Ben Kirschenbaum shot the session. He and I discussed the best way to capture this and decided to do the top shots – kinda inspired by Kutiman – plus a master shot. Always fun and rewarding playing with Nomok (my real life brother) and Amir Bresler – now with this session I feel we got new and unique sound playing as a trio like this …”

Rejoicer (left) on keys, Amir Bresler on drums, Nomok (right) on keys. Video by Ben Kirschenbaum, an Eyechant Production, assisted by Daniel Vogman. Recorded by Asaf Shay, mixed by Rejoicer.