In the store | RAS G – DOWN TO EARTH V.2

Available now – LP, Cassette, Digital | Los Angeles hip-hop producer Ras G’s album will be released worldwide Dec. 9, 2014 on Leaving Records.

Ras G – Brainfeeder, Leaving Records and Low End Theory staple artist – at his most mellow and “down to earth” on the album, crafted as a tribute to the boom-bap style hip-hop of his upbringing.

As with all his work, Down to Earth was produced at the “Spacebase” – not just the name of his studio, but a virtual a state of mind. Visualize golden-era hip-hop Polo jackets & Dashiki shirts. Restrict your culinary diet to home-cooked Vegetarian Ethiopian cuisine. Celebrate listening to pioneers from Pete Rock, Diamond D, Madlib to J Dilla. Study the tools of the trade devoutly, not forcefully. Allow the MPC200XL, SP-404, and Technics 1200s to become humble extensions of the human form.

“This is dedicated to those all over the planet who recognize and respect the sound.”
– Ras G