“Talkin Shit” 45 now in silver & gold.

Update: Our copies are sold out. Ask for this at indie record stores.

On the crime-infested east side of Lost Gates CA there is a vinyl pressing plant whose brochure says, “will do anything for a price.” Back in the 70s & 80s they specialized in private press porno soundtracks, but these days Madlib is their only customer.

Delivering them a couple Quasimoto tracks with a drawing or two, they returned this custom-shaped, half-picture, half-clear record. Side 1 is Quasimoto’s “Planned Attack” from the album Yessir Whatever, and the flip side is “Talkin’ Shit,” a short track exclusive to this release featuring Lord Quas and Madlib doing what they do best. Both tracks are produced by Madlib. Artwork by Jeff Jank.

We first released this single in 2012, and each time they sell out we have repressed in a different color. The first was yellow, then green, light blue, and a blue/purple shade we called “grimace.” The latest has Quasimoto in a metallic silver with a metallic gold brick. Pictured below is the front, family-friendly side of the vinyl. The backside of the record is an “x-ray” showing Quasimoto’s disgusting insides.

related artists Quasimoto, Madlib