Feb. 10, 2002 – Beware of a talentless, beat-deaf, sucker MC in a blue fur suit billing himself as “Quazimoto” in number of shows across the west coast recently.

The marauder wears a cheap suit similar in appearance to Quasimoto’s “bad character,” the beast-like cartoon figure seen on his records, and bills himself as Quazimoto, or as “Lord Quas Father of Invention.” His weak performances are made up entirely of material from Quasimoto’s album “The Unseen,” and are clearly intended to fool fans into thinking he is the real Quasimoto.

The fake MC, whose real identity is not yet known by Stones Throw Records, even uses a cheap pitch-shifting device on his microphone in a lame attempt to achieve Quasimoto’s unique vocal style. The pitch-shifting device is known to feed back and sound “robotic,” said one disgusted fan.

Stones Throw affiliate Phillipe Del Figueroa witnessed one of the impostor’s shows in Sacramento, CA, recently.

“At first I was trippin’ because Quas didn’t even tell me that he was coming to Sac., even though we’ve been friends for years,” said Figueroa. “So I paid 12 bucks to get into the show, and when I saw this dude in a costume come out, I was like ‘what the hell is this?’ Most the people in the audience just thought that Quas had fallen off, but I knew right away it wasn’t him.”

The real Quasimoto was unavailable for comment, but his producer Madlib this morning expressed disbelief that any true Quasimoto fan would be fooled. “Quas don’t even do shows,” said Madlib, “cats on the west coast especially should know that.”

Anyone with any information about the identity or whereabouts of “Quazimoto” please contact us.

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