12/12/12 announced for December 12, 2012:

Twelve hour DJ event live from Peanut Butter Wolf's house broadcast on boilerroom.tv (8AM-8PM PST)

2. After party
at Low End Theory: twelve DJs playing twelve 12-inch records. 2419 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031, $12, Ages 18+

This year marks the end of the "Wolf vs LA" numerology DJ series. What started as nearly a bad joke on 6/6/2006 has now become a tradition over the past seven years for Stones Throw Records founder/L.A.-based DJ Peanut Butter Wolf.

Each year has a unique theme. For 9/9/9 Wolf spun at a club in a different L.A.-based area code each night, playing only music videos from the 90s. Last year for 11-11-11, he didn't spin at all, instead bringing 1100 of his personal records to the club and picking 11 of his favorite DJs to spin them.

This year, for the 12th of December – 12/12/12 – Wolf is playing 12-inch vinyl records for 12 hours straight from his home for live web broadcast site boilerroom.tv. An open-to-the-public after party is set at Low End Theory in East L.A. with 12 DJs spinning twelve 12-inch singles each from 8PM-2AM. Converse will be giving away 12 pairs of a limited edition Stones Throw Chuck Taylors at the event.

Throughout the series, Wolf has been joined by some of his favorite DJs like Madlib, A-Trak, Mayer Hawthorne, Prince Paul, Dam-Funk, DJ Muggs, J Rocc, Cut Chemist, Egyptian Lover, Jason Bentley and Gaslamp Killer. Here's a timeline of past events:

6/6/6 – Jun 6, 2006 | The 666 mix
PBW releases a metal themed 666 mix in the day, spins a similar 666 set at Cinespace that night.

7/7/7 – Jul 1-7, 2007 | The 777 podcast
PBW releases a 777 spiritual podcast mix in the day, then spins in LA 7 nights in a row. 7 clubs, 7 genres, all vinyl.

8/8/8 – Aug 1-8, 2008 | Youtube 8/8/8 commercial
PBW spins in LA 8 nights in a row. 8 clubs, 8 genres, all videos.

9/9/9 – Sep 1-9, 2009 | 9/9/9 shoes, commercial, list of events
PBW spins in L.A. & Orange County, 9 nights in a row – 9 clubs, 9 area codes, all 90's videos. Final night with 9 DJs: A-Trak, Arabian Prince, Dam-Funk, J Rocc, Mathieu Schreyer, Mayer Hawthorne, PBW, Romes, and Rhettmatic.

10/10/10 – Oct 10, 2012 | LA Weekly on 10/10/10
One night only, 10 hours, 10 DJs, all 45s: Baron Zen, Dam-Funk, Danny Holloway, J Rocc, Madlib, Mahssa, Mayer Hawthorne, PBW, Prince Paul, Rhettmatic

11/11/11 – Nov 11, 2011 | LA Weekly: 11/11/11 photo wrap-up
One night only with 11 DJs, $11 ticket price, and 11-hundred of PBWs records with DJs Cole, Diva, Jonti, Vex Ruffin, Scotty Coats, Tom Chasteen, Rhettmatic, Jason Bentley, Dam-Funk, Gaslamp Killer and Cut Chemist.

12/12/12 – Dec 12, 2012 | Facebook: Low End 12/12/12 event page
A live, 12-hour, 12-inch vinyl-only PBW mix for boilerroom.tv, 8AM-8PM PST. After party at Low End Theory with 12 DJs, 12 records each, all 12-inch singles, 8PM-2AM.

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