Dutch artist Parra is set to emark on his very first exhibition and pop-up shop initiative in Germany later this month. An artist who’s style has come to be known for his eclectic mix of type fonts, iconic colors and sexualized imagery, the Amsterdam-based creative will look to have his work displayed first via an exhibition at Pool Gallery in Berlin followed by a pop-up shop at Wood Wood Berlin two days later. Aside from his own personal artwork, he has also become heavily involved in music act Le Le. Check below for details on the event dates for both the show and store.

“I like the tee shirt but I will get the painting” – Works of Art by Parra

28 August – 10 October 2009

Opening 27 August 2009
19:00 – 24:00

Pool Gallery

Tucholskystrasse 38
10117 Berlin, Germany

Phone +49 30 243 42 462

“I like the painting but I will get the tee shirt” – Products of Art by Parra

30 August – 10 October 2009

Opening 29 August 2009
19:00 – 24:00

Wood Wood

Rochstrasse 4
10178 Berlin

Phone +49 30 280 47 877