Field Reality Dub is the second album from Tom Chasteen​'​s Natural Numbers project, following up on the Natural Numbers In Dub which United Reggae called​, ​“A tribute to the stormy cinematic side of classic dub.”

Field Reality Dub continues to reflect the inspiration of classic Jamaican sounds while “tearing little holes in the sky here and there for some new dark light to pour in,” says Chasteeen.

The word Dub has taken on many meanings, and this is Dub in the classic Jamaican sense: recordings of a heavier than lead all star band (including legendary bassist Fully Fullwood) pounding out original rhythms, which are then overdubbed with vocals, percussion and other elements, and finally torn apart and and glued back together with echo and reverb in real time on the mixing board.

Vocal guests join the crew on this album, including Lone Ranger, Ranking Joe​, Tony Tuff, Edi Fitzroy and Jamaican DJs Trinity, who reminds us in the opening cut that “Jah don’t run no wire fence!”

Side A begins in a thumping rub a dub style and closest with the smooth vocals and slide guitar of “National Version.” Side B takes us out a little farther out with the darker guitars of “Dub Of Shadows” and “Seven Times Rise,” the percussive soundscape of “Stars No Moon” and the closer “Dawn Observation” which leaves dub terrain altogether for an abstract synth and guitar journey.

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