Mndsgn's Body Wash is out today. Here's a video for ”Wherever U R,” shot on VHR by Alima Jennings.

Mndsgn has a record release party in Los Angeles on September 24th at the Hi-Hat – Tickets available here – and more info below.

Alima on the making of the video:

“Earlier this year Ringgo [Mndsgn) and I took a trip to Japan for a 2 week vacation. I brought my heavy and cumbersome VHS camera to document our travels because I’m too stubborn to take a regular, smaller camera. We had some beautiful places on our itinerary that I had to capture on tape; like a temple stay in Kōyasan, a traditional hotel stay deep in the mountains of Kyotō, a few days in Osaka with our friend Mayumi and of course a week in Tokyo. We initially had no plans on shooting a video until we were out there, traveling around on the Shinkansen listening to Body Wash and the track “Wherever U R” stood out to me.

We started to create a narrative a few days in to our time in Japan of a hopeless romantic on a quest to look for his lost love who started a new life abroad, without him. The cute and catchy lyrics of the song spelled it out for me. Although the song has a hopeful tone, I chose to have the video not end well for our protagonist. Even after leaving Japan and editing parts of the video together, I still hadn’t quite ended the story in my head which is why we filmed the last part 2 weeks ago in Little Tokyo. I created live animation with a ‘my first sony’ video drawing tool to add to the playfulness of the track and to contrast the sad story. Telling a story in 1 minute 40 seconds isn’t the easiest task but we kept it simple and up to the imagination of the viewer.”

Mndsgn, Swarvy, Kiefer, Ras G, Jamma Dee
Body Wash Record release party

Saturday, September 24, 2016
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Doors: 9pm / Ages: 18+
Price: $12 Presale / $15 @ the door

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