Maylee Todd announces her Stones Throw debut album Maloo with her new single “Show Me.” The video for was conceived, created and animated entirely by Maylee. The album, dropping March 4, 2022, is a collection of science fiction lullabies.

On vinyl: Maylee Todd – Maloo

Before the pandemic Maylee was working on a prototype VR game, creating a story and character design. She developed the character Maloo in tandem with writing the album, and learned 3D modeling and body tracking to bring the character to life.

Although Maylee’s imagined world “The Age of Energy” is virtual, the album and its main character have deeply personal origins. As Maylee puts it: “We participate in the digital landscape and our digital life has real-life implications.”

“Show Me” was produced by Maylee and Kyvita. Maylee performed on the track with the Yamaha Tenori-on, an electronic sequencer designed and created by the Japanese artist Toshio Iwai.

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