Update: SOLD OUT | We have a limited edition vinyl of MF Doom & Madlib’s collaboration that we’re calling Madvillainy (Sire Edition). Pre-order available now for July 3 release. This release is available exclusively at Stones Throw, Concerto (Amsterdam), and Rough Trade (London).

• Transparent yellow vinyl, 2/LP
• Metallic silver sleeve with die cut holes
• 16-page lyric book

Photos by Eric Coleman. Original design and repackage design by Jeff Jank. The Sire Edition was made in reference to a subtle detail about the original Madvillainy cover:

“an inside joke of mine was that the black and white photo of Doom reminded me of the first Madonna album cover [on Sire Records, 1983] … it said MADONNA and the O was orange. I saw the two pictures side by side and thought it looked like a version of Beauty & the Beast. So I put a little piece of orange up in the corner, partly because it needed something distinctive, and partly to match the color with Madonna.”Uncovered: The Story Behind Madvillain’s Madvillainy (2004) with Jeff Jank