Koreatown Oddity returns with a new music video for “FUNDRAZORS” from his latest album ISTHISFORREAL? released last August. The visual was shot and directed by Wesley Africa and follows The Koreatown Oddity and Kamal Abdul-Jabbaar on a mission to sell their script SLIMER WAS A HOUSE NI**A.

“When naysayers who don’t believe in the idea close doors on them, they decide to make the film themselves on a shoestring budget. Doing whatever they have to do to make this genius concept come to life , you see their trials and tribulations as the FUNDRAZORS.”

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ISTHISFORREAL? plays like a spiritual baptism! Sometimes it’s hard to believe when an amazing moment is happening in our life or even when a loved one crosses into the spirit realm. We ask ourselves ISTHISFORREAL? The crazy news we hear about or receive through social media often makes you second guess it like, ISTHISFORREAL? The more we find out about the world through nature and the human experience the more we wanna know ISTHISFORREAL?” – Dominique Purdy, aka The Koreatown Oddity.

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