Back in 2012, we released a limited Karriem Riggins 7-inch as part of our Fan Club 45 series – “12’s in 8” backed with “Analog Days”. A lot has changed since then, and we’ve finally given in to years of fan demand to put these tracks out widely.

Listen to Karriem Riggins – “12’s in 8” and “Analog Days”

“12’s in 8” refers to the 12/8 time signature that gives the song its swing. Karriem says, “This time signature is in a lot of African rhythms and jazz. I often use this time signature to fuse with 4/4 rhythms. Overall, 12/8 adds a unique triplet element to my production and playing.” 

“Analog Days,” he adds, “was inspired by the incredible world of analog synthesizers, and I wanted to challenge myself to create something entirely original without sampling any records. This song is a testament to the limitless possibilities of sound that can be achieved through synthesizers. The mix of nostalgia with the futuristic where familiar meets the unknown.”

Karriem’s solo hip-hop debut Alone Together came out on Stones Throw in 2012, followed by a sequel, Headnod Suite, in 2017.

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