Kanye West dropped a track today, then deleted it, then brought it back, deleted it again … we've lost track … Anyway, it's produced by him & Madlib. The Beat Konducta part is based around a sample from the song “Suzie Thundertussy” by Junie Morrison (Ohio Players) who is also heard on the opening track of Dam-Funk's new album).

1/19/16 Update: Here's the full track …

West discussed working with Madlib – and rapped the lyrics of "No Parties in LA" – back in 2014, as part of a special featurette included on the DVD version of Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton:

“I could paint the scene of how I felt sitting there with Madlib, working on these tracks, and just hearing the textures. It was like, “something something/over the crib you left your Ray-Bans/My sheets still orange from your spray tan/ No more parties in LA/no more parties in LA”—some shit. Matter of fact, now that you [the interviewer] brought this up, we might have to get some more Madlib beats for the next projects.”

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