In the storeJ Dilla Changed My Life T-Shirt

Updated Oct. 2012 | The J DILLA CHANGED MY LIFE T-shirt is back, manufactured by Pay Jay Productions, the imprint overseen by The Estate of James Yancey on behalf of his four heirs. This is available now with worldwide shipping expected to begin the first week of November 2012.

The shirt is simple but the message is clear and it has a history.  J DILLA CHANGED MY LIFE was first hand-made by DJ Deckstarr, who was opening for J Dilla on what would prove to be his last show, in Dusseldorf, Germany, Dec. 2005.  On this short Europe tour J Dilla first publicized the seriousness of his medical condition, appearing on stage in a wheel chair.  Deckstarr made the shirt for himself to wear and for Dilla to see. 

Here's the storyJ Dilla Changed My Life

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