A couple of The Hundreds crew came by Stones Throw HQ a little while ago, quizzing Wolf & snapping photos. Here's what turned up:

So how did Stones Throw get started?
The first single we released was one I did with Charizma. He passed away, and he was a big reason why I started the label. I chose a song called “My World Premier,” because I knew it would be about the premier of the label, and even then, I had ideas about the label being around for a long time. I wanted to start it with something that was really meaningful to me, personally. I’ll never forget, I was at a video shoot for KRS-One, and we had just gotten the test pressings for “My World Premier,” and I was trying to get them to play it. It was his video for “Step Into A World,” and his DJ, Kenny Parker, was spinning. After the video shoot, I asked if he would play my single. Looking back, it was bold and weird that I would do that. He didn’t want to commit to saying yes to some guy who he has no idea what his stuff sounds like. He was like, “Nah sorry, I can’t do that.” I said, “Well listen to it on the headphones and if you like it, then play it on the speakers.” He put on the headphones, and he said, “This isn’t bad, man, alright.” So then he played it on the speakers, and KRS turned around and asked, “What is this?” It was like validation of all the work that I had done with Charizma, because he and I were both huge KRS-One fans. To have him asking about it, and then endorsing it, and the next day he introduced me to Red Alert… Growing up in San Jose, not knowing if I’d ever even meet people like that, those were the guys I’d always looked up to, and that was the beginning of Stones Throw.

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