Here's a track produced by Knxwledge off the album Hallways (Sep. 2)

I went to the free clinic / 'Cause I been acting indecently / They told me I been tested to recently / And had to wait till May / That's a month away / And my favorite girl is scared of everything / Yo, I swear to everything / But yet another girl on the way to go see her / And brought her a brassier on Canal Street / It was the same girl from the joint I did with L'Orange / True story / And now this dude next to me is smoking / Making my t-shirt smell nasty / Yo, don't ask me. I guess I got problems / Seems like I got problems / I think I got problems / Looks like I got problems

I'm surrounded by hipsters / What does that say about me? / Maybe I'm not being honest with myself / Hipsters love independent movies / Shit, I love independent movies / Actually, I just like independent movies / So I think I'm cool there / I wanna be done with this / But I gotta rhyme at least some of this / Other genres you don't even really have to rhyme / Can't even understand what cats be saying half the time / Kurt Cobain you couldn't understand shit / That shit was hot tho I ain't tryna diss / Too late, y'all already pissed. I guess I got problems.

What to do? / Plain to see / I don't know where to go / Pray for me / Who to call / Where to go / Ain't that some shit, I'll admit / I don't know / I don't know when to shave / I don't know what to eat / I don't know who to love / I don't know who to beat / I don't know how to be / I don't know what to say / I don't know when to leave / I don't know when to stay. I guess I got problems.

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