FOLERIO – YOU'RE SO PRECIOUS 45 on Good Time Records

Folerio is the first signing to PB Wolf's new label Good Time Records. Wolf tried to sign him to Stones Throw, but he declined, saying "Folerio is for the people and Stones Throw is not for the people."

This first single shows off Folerio's romantic writing skills and computer drum programming with "You're So Precious", a heart wrenching spoken word epic number. It was chosen to be placed in the new Bruno film, but Folerio declined saying "Folerio is for the people and Bruno is not for the people."

Rounding out the 7-inch are "A Second Chance" and "Heartbreaker", two retro-futuristic electric ballads where Folerio straight rips off Prince's "Do Me Baby" and mumbles through the lyrics in an ever so cryptic, yet powerful way.

The songs were all written in 1984 and recorded by Folerio recently. Folerio and PB Wolf are no longer on speaking terms due to a personal business matter and Folerio is not available for interviews or appearances because Folerio is for the people and the people are not for Folerio.

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