When Stones Throw began releasing 7-inch singles 10 years ago in early 1999, many people (including our distributor at the time) wondered what the fuck we were doing. Why 45s?

Wolf likes 45s. So what?

Here's the first ten – released digitally for the first time on high-quality 320kbps MP3, with audio taken from the original masters.

STH7001 Funkaho – My 2600 (1999) digital
STH7002 Breakestra – Getcho Soul Togetha (1999) digital
STH7003 A-Trak – Enter Ralph Wiggum (1999) digital
STH7004 Quasimoto – Hittin' Hooks (2000) digital
STH7005 The Turntablist – Super Duper Duck Teaser (1999) digital
STH7006 Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf – Devotion (2000) digital
STH7007 Madlib – Madlib Invazion EP (2000) digital & limited vinyl
STH7008 Breakestra – Sexy Popcorn Pot (2000) digital
STH7009 The Highlighters – Poppin' Popcorn (2000) digital
STH7010 Sharron & Harrell Lucky – Pease Porridge Hot (2000) digital

These ten 45s span 1999-mid 2000, the era during which Stones Throw went from being strictly a hip-hop label to modern funk & soul, funk reissues, and the all around bizarre-but-funky. The next ten 45s would see even new musical direction, and these will be released next.

A few of the tracks from these first ten 7-inch singles were reissued on the album Peanut Butter Wolf's Fan Club 45s , but most of them remain exclusive on these long-sold-out singles.