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My 2600
My 2600


7-inch Stones Throw STH7001

Description: Funkaho recorded this stuff in Oakland, CA, using a tape deck. He was inspired by electro synth, messy guitar solos, boredom, and a love of hip-hop beats.

It's also worth noting that this was Stones Throw's first 7-inch single.  Our distributor said stores wouldn't want them and it would never sell.  We made them anyway, sold them all, and got a different distributor.

This vinyl is long gone, but a couple of these tracks are also released - unlisted - on the B-side of the vinyl release for Funkaho's only other record, the Villain Style 12-inch.

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  My 2600
Funkaho Funkaho $0.99 Buymp3
2.  Evil Goat Interlude
Funkaho Funkaho $0.99 Buymp3
3.  Space Slut
Funkaho Funkaho $0.99 Buymp3
4.  Bootay
Funkaho Funkaho $0.99 Buymp3