A few weeks back we launched a contest to design a poster for the Stones Throw Documentary-in-the-making by Jeff Broadway. The winner was picked this weekend by Peanut Butter Wolf, who has a few words below.

The film's Kickstarter is still underway, ending this week:


Sorry it took longer than a day to pick the winners. It was a lot harder than I thought going through all the entries, mainly because I didn’t expect so many people to submit. There were so many good ones, we ended up giving prizes to the top 10 and mentioning 10 more. There were more than 20 good ones in my opinion, but gotta draw the line somewhere. The submissions ran a gamut from illustrations of the artists mentioned in the trailer to simple use of fonts to abstract visuals not necessarily having anything to do with the title or the film. And of course a LOT of literal muscle men and dumbbells and scales and records. That’s fine too.

Seeing all the good art inspired me to want to do an art show when the film comes out with maybe the top 20 or so submissions. It would be a waste to not do anything w/ them.

If your poster didn’t make top 20, I suck. You’re still great. I’ll probably call on you to do an album cover in the future and you can say yeah or neah to me then.

The winner by Guy Jang, shown up above. Runners up below L-R, top to bottom…

2. Szilagyi Misi, 3. Shan Yen Koh
4. Sandy Prudencio, 5. Tom Scotcher
6. Bima Rizqi Indradharma, 7. Elias Errerd 2
8. Marcellous Lovelace, 9. Pierre Poirier
10. Matthew Smith, 11. Francesco Tortorella
12. ERiK, 13. Oliver Hofmann
14. Christopher Fraas, 15. Vito Giorgio
16. Paul Conzen, 17. Shane Domino
18. Jean Christophe Morice, 19. Julian Kramer, 20. Gabriele Marino

related artists Peanut Butter Wolf