Dam-Funk reports from the Funk Tsunami Tour. They have finished up Japan, and now continue to South Korea and China. Dates Here:
Dam-Funk x Stussy: The Funk Tsunami Tour

My Japan Tour w/ Benji B has been beyond words.  If there IS a word though to sum it up so far…I would have to simply say: INCREDIBLE!! Every city that we've visited have been the best of times. The 'music' has been truly appreciated, no request – Japan KNOWS what's up in terms of that 'weird fixture' of the west!?!? – phenomenal hospitality, positive vibes, great food (the BEST sushi ever!) & bangin' sound systems throughout!

Peepz are all sportin' the limited edition 'DâM-FunK x Stussy' T-Shirts with pride + just an overall beautiful experience on the road, spreadin' this Modern-Funk & all things in between in this great country of Japan; where again…THEY KNOW WHAT'S UP!!

*Special thanx to Kota (Stones Throw Japan) for holdin' thangz down in such a professional way on the road.

Yep, not 1 snag. Everything's been outdasite!

– D-F

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