Dam-Funk – Toeachizown (5LP Set)
Pre-order. Expected ship date: Jan. 4, 2010

Dam-Funk's 5-LP set Toeachizown is now available for pre-order and will be shipping no later than the first Monday of 2010. The box set was previously delayed due to manufacturing issues beyond our control.

Dam-Funk compiled his debut album in five distinct, themed parts: LAtrik, Fly, Life, Hood and Sky. This box set contains the five records with five separate record covers, and they will not be available elsewhere.

In anticipation of the 5LP set we have released the five distinct parts digitally:

Toeachizown Vol. 1: LAtrik $6.93, Album, 40 min., 320 kbps
Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly $5.94, Album, 37 min., 320 kbps
Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life $5.99, Album, 32 min., 320 kbps
Toeachizown Vol. 4: Hood $5.49, Album, 30 min., 320 kbps
Toeachizown Vol. 5: Sky $5.99, Album, 34 min., 320 kbps

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