Dam-Funk and Snoop revealed the 7 Days of Funk album art and debuted their live
performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Monday,
Oct 21st on ABC.

Video: Dam-Funk & Snoopzilla as 7 Days of Funk "Do My Thang" with full band on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Check out the album art for 7 Days of Funk, coming December 10, 2013. This is drawn by Lawrence Hubbard of Real Deal Comix. The vinyl LP version will feature a wrap-around drawing showing the front & back of a theater. We see Snoopzilla & D-F hanging out in front of their low rider (a time machine, in fact), with some thuggish throw-down happening at the theater doors. Around back we've got paparazzi, drunks and hoes. 

Hubbard aka "Raw Dawg" co-created Real Deal Comix with Herald Porter McElwee in late 80’s Los Angeles – Rodney King era, city on fire era.  Real Deal was the only Black, independently self-published and distributed magazine of the time, with only 6 issues from 1989 to 2001. It was as underground as it gets: crudely drawn, extremely violent, hysterically funny and completely free of super heroes and political correctness.

Vice.com: "The Will To Kill: Real Deal Magazine is the greatest and most violent comic book you've never seen"

An early demo of 7 Days of Funk's "Hit Da Pavement" provided the soundtrack for a short video about Lawrence Hubbard and Real Deal – shown below – created last year by clothing brand Stussy.

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