Ras G - Stargate Music

Ras G - Stargate Music

  • April 12, 2018

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Stargate Music is the latest full-length album by Ras G, on Leaving Records. The official release date is April 20. We have the vinyl shipping now.

April 19: Release party at Hi Hat, 5043 York Blvd, Los Angeles. 8PM, All Ages, $10. Tickets

Ras G: OG L.A. luminary with a heartfelt no-fucks-given attitude, a prolific free-form creator in the underground beat scene since the early 2000s. Ras has several albums and beat-tapes on Leaving Records, and others with Brainfeeder, Poobah, FatBeats, and Street Corner Music.

"Stargate Music is a record that I livicated to the Womb-man ... to the Vagina which I have come to call The Stargate from which beings emanate life on this planet. I gathered these sound pieces and presented it as a reflection of the life cycle of beings on this planet. From The Primordial Water Formation we flow thru The Stargate to which we are given Life ... and one's great journey reconnecting and returning to the sweet nectar that is The Stargate ... and this is the soundtrack to the journey." - Ras G

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