Ras G - Raw Fruit

Ras G - Raw Fruit

  • May 08, 2013

In the store | RAS G - RAW FRUIT VOL. 1 
In the store | RAS G - RAW FRUIT VOL. 2 
In the store | RAS G - RAW FRUIT VOL. 3

Ongoing beat tape series from Ras G on Leaving Record

Ras G is one of the definitive producers of the Los Angeles beat scene, a co-founder of the Poo-Bah label, and hip-hop beat-maker who digs probably deeper than any into the worlds of free jazz, jazz fusion and afrofuturism.

His profile at Poobah.com states, "This is the music that people will be playing in the ghettos of Mars in the year 3014."

Raw Fruit is straight from Ras G beat tapes made on SP303/404 and MPC 2000XL. Read about it straight from the artist:

"Raw Fruit is my the name of my beat tapes, a lot of these joints never cut it 4 the ASP releases ... because they're all like freestyle beats shit i make 2 smoke weed to that i never save, i just make em, record em, and on 2 the next one ... RAW SHIT, no rules just … all out, fuck it ... SPACEBASE IS THE PLACE ............ Shout Out 2 Everybody that appreci-loves raw shit!!! DUA! SHEM HTP _G"

Raw Fruit design by Seth Ferris
Raw Fruit Vol. 1 & 2 also available on LP