Rome: Madlib J.Rocc Egon

  • Egon
  • May 15, 2009

Egon is on tour in Europe with Madlib & J.Rocc and will be updating us through the end of the month.

1: Rome

After three days of back and forths to LAX, and over $4000 in change fees and last minute ticket purchases, Madlib and I boarded a plane to Rome by way of Zurich so that we could meet J.Rocc for our first show.

Crammed together on the back of the plane, amidst crying babies and bad turbulence meant no sleep. Hours after arriving in Rome, we found all of our baggage and wound our way through this beautiful old city to the venue.

The line was around the block, J.Rocc was in full "get 'em hype" mode, and our promoter Marco had actually followed our rider and had some non-vintage champagne and some nice Barolos with some age on 'em. Madlib sorted his CDs quickly before joining J.Rocc on stage, tapping beats on the CDJs as J.Rocc edited from Serato. Debuts included - Strong Arm Steady, OJ Simpson, and two brand new cuts from Madvillain (one of which demanded a back-to-the-start rewind, at least twice). The crowd dispersed slowly an hour after curfew, and we wove through the wet streets, pausing to look at a 2,000 year old aqueduct before hitting the hotel.

We leave for Milan in 12 hours, but we better have time to finish going through the records that Superfly Mag's David Nerattini brought to the gig as I know Madlib wants those Horo records as bad as I want those off-brand Alexander Allesandroni libraries.

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