Knx Buttrskotch Cassette from Leaving Records

Knx Buttrskotch Cassette from Leaving Records

  • October 29, 2012

In the store | Knx - Buttrskotch

Cassette release from Leaving Records

Our friends at Leaving Records gave us the last 20 of 200 Knx Buttrskotch tapes to sell in the shop after their first 180 sold out on the day of release.  

Knx, aka Knxwledge, was raised in NJ and Philadelphia, and now located in Los Angeles. This is his first cassette with Leaving Records, and a true beat tape: Eleven one-minute beats, five minutes per side, original throwback photo cover.

We’ve got more in store with Leaving Records - coming up any day now, we'll be announcing an album project with them called Dual Form, comprised of all new recordings from the Leaving Records family including Sun Araw, Julia Holter and Dntl.

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