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Rocket Love
Rocket Love
Yesterdays New Quintet


7-inch Stones Throw STH4001

Description: This was one of two 7-inch singles created as promotional giveaways with album purchases at in 2002. We called these our "Fan Club 45s" even though there was no fan club.  We would continue to make these 45s, but eventually dropped the "Fan Club" part.

This 45 was created in connection with the Stones Throw 7-inch compilation Jukebox 45s.  Both tracks are Madlib & Yesterdays New Quintet covers of Stevie wonder songs.  This single started into motion what would become a full album of Stevie Wonder covers by YNQ, Stevie, released in 2003/2004.

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  I Am Singing Yesterdays New Quintet Madlib
2.  Rocket Love Yesterdays New Quintet Madlib