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Throwback Rap Attack
Throwback Rap Attack
Percee P


12-inch Stones Throw STH2149

Description: From a series of 12-inch singles we did leading up to Percee P's album Perseverance and Perseverance: The Madlib Remix. These singles contain remixes or acappellas not available on the albums.

Put It On The Line 12-inch
Throwback Rap Attack 12-inch
Watch Your Step 12-inch
No Time For Jokes 12-inch

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  Throwback Rap Attack
Percee P Madlib $0.99 Buymp3
2.  Throwback Rap Attack - Instrumental
Percee P Madlib $0.99 Buymp3
3.  Throwback Rap Attack (Cut Chemist Remix)
Percee P Cut Chemist $0.99 Buymp3
4.  Throwback Rap Attack (Oh No Remix)
Percee P Oh No $0.99 Buymp3
5.  Throwback Rap Attack (Oh No Remix - Instrumental)
Percee P Oh No $0.99 Buymp3
6.  Throwback Rap Attack (Oh No Remix - A cappella)
Percee P Percee P $0.99 Buymp3