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Blind Man (Rap Version) feat. MED
Blind Man (Rap Version) feat. MED
Cut Chemist


12-inch White Label STWL4

Description: Egon and Cut Chemist both became obsessed about 1970s Omaha funk troupe L.A. Carnival after Chicago-based collector Dante Carfagna played them the band’s solitary 7.” After Egon tracked down the band and found multi-tracks to the band’s psych-funk masterpiece “Blind Man,” Cut remixed the track in 24 hours and handed Egon some bonus beat to boot. A call to MED and a stop at the mastering lab later and Stones Throw’s fourth white label was in production. Includes instrumental (with cuts by DJ Romes).

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  Blind Man feat. MED
Cut Chemist Cut Chemist $0.99 Buymp3
2.  Blind Man Bonus Beat (Instrumental)
Cut Chemist Cut Chemist $0.99 Buymp3