Welcome. This is our first major website development since 2002. Our podcasts, news items, free downloads and event listings will continue, more now than ever before. The biggest news is that we have opened an online store: www.stonesthrow.com/store

Our web store (for both digital and physical sales) launches with our complete catalog of 12-inch singles, including the exclusive by J Dilla, MF DOOM and Ghostface Killa, Sniperlite. We have a new shirt by Parra, new exclusive colorways on other recent shirts, the CD release of Madlib's Remixes Vol. 2 and another major item to be announced in a matter of days.

International orders are now available as well. We are currently accepting most major credit cards, and offering USPS shipping for domestic & international.

Our message board and other random links may be down for a while
as we test our new headquarters.

Thanks for coming through.