Rockstar’s “Grand Theft Auto V” upped the ante with its massive soundtrack, which features 17 radio stations, including Flying Lotus’s FlyLoFM.

In New York City on Monday, Sep. 30, Oh No, Alchemist, Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson and 20 supporting musicians will hold a live performance of the GTA soundtrack at The Church of St. Paul the Apostle. INFO HERE.

Here’s Oh No & The Alchemist’s track from GTA V, “Bassheads.”

Out Da Box Radio just published this interview with Homeboy Sandman, touching on upcoming releases, his ‘Out Now’ promo tracks, as well as his reasons for working with producers like EL RTNC and M. Slago. Out Da Box writes, “It was indeed a fulfilling pleasure to build with the brother Homeboy Sandman, he gave some great insight into some really important issues that affect us as a people today, whether it’s the GMO affected foods that we have to be skeptic of today or our generally apathetic attitude towards seeking useful information rather than access to entertainment and sensationalized media … Enjoy and Be Inspired!”

Myron & E’s “Going in Circles” produced by backed by The Soul Investigators. Myron & E are on the road with Cody Chestnutt this month, and later this year tour Europe with The Soul Investigators – see tour dates.

Here’s Julian Malone with “Chicago Zoo,” another track from his infinitely-delayed mixtape Diff.Rnt. Let him know what you think of the joint.

Last and not least, this week we brought many of you up to date on the Stones Throw Beat Battles, a weekly user-operated feature hosted on the Stones Throw board. The latest round #342 has wrapped up and is now in voting through the weekend. Listen to the tracks HERE

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