Vogue (not a hip-hop blog) on Leaving Records' forthcoming album by Brogan Bentley:

Brogan Bentley’s new song “The Difference” doesn’t start so much as it uncoils, with a crawling, slow smokiness of building synths and airy vocals that’s hard to grasp but easy to enjoy. And it’s just as shifty with genre as it is with structure: You could maybe call this a kind of R&B (and if you do, it would be the futuristic sort that FKA twigs, Kelela, and inc. practice), but there’s just as much of a goth influence to its darkness, something like Christian Death gone softer and subtler, with even a bit of meditative chanting thrown in to boot. Take a listen and look out for the San Francisco artist’s debut album, The Snake, to be released with Leaving Records on November 11.

Leaving Records | Brogan Bentley