Vex Ruffin from the Crash Course EP. “Man With A Plan” is directed by: The Qualities of Light;
Director of Photography: Rich Hama (TQoL); Gaffer: Joe Colangelo;
Electrician: Bryce Lansing;
Key Grip: Ryan Cook.

“Vex Ruffin Fucks with bass the way I Fucks with food and British Ciders. It is a feast, it is decadent it is erotic, It is deep, guttural and grabs you by the meat sack aggressive. It occupies that weird space between your soul and your mind, often crossing over between the two causing some sort of event horizon in your groin. The Crash Course EP reminds me of what would happen to rap music if it ever grew up and became interesting.” – Fightin' words from Tim Baker in his Crash Course review at

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