Vex Ruffin and legendary Fab 5 Freddy have teamed up to create new track “The Balance.”

Vocal, instrumental, and remixes (by Peaking Lights and CX Kidtronic) on a new 12-inch single. 

This is Fab 5 Freddy's first musical project since “Change the Beat,” 30 years ago. Fab hopped onto Vex’s track after an intro from his friend Ben Marlowe, the director/animator of Vex’s new video.

Fab 5 Freddy says, “I liked the way this idea organically developed and I began to see my involvement as a sort of art performance piece. The track reminded me of cool dance records that downtown NY DJ’s played back then in the 80’s at places like The Mudd Club, The Garage, Area, Danceteria and Nells where I hung out so I put myself in that mindset when working on my lyrics for this song.”

Vex Ruffin has a new album called Conveyor coming out Spring 2017.

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