Chicago based producer The Twilite Tone has signed to Stones Throw. His new single “Space Invaders” is out now.

The Twilite Tone, aka Anthony Khan, is a three time Grammy-nominated musician and producer, who has worked with artists including Kanye West, Common, Gorillaz and My Brightest Diamond.

On “Space Invaders”, Tone re-purposes classic sci-fi tropes to comment on society today. In this context, he says, space refers to “the myth that there is not enough room for everyone, or there are not enough resources in this world for all” especially in this climate [where people are othered as] ‘aliens’ when we are all indigenous to this planet. “Space Invaders” also refers to gentrification – “people from a colonizing point of view, new occupants moving into an established neighborhood, acting as if they discovered the area and as if the people there are not relevant or, worse, alien.”

The track title also refers to Tone’s personal life: “I have a 9-month-old daughter. I had people in my life voice concern over me having a new baby and family, thinking it would infringe upon my “space”, time, energy and career. This couldn’t be further from reality.  It has given me new purpose and drive and my capacity to elevate and expand as an artist, father and human being is infinite.”

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