In the store | RAS G – STARGATE MUSIC

Stargate Music is the latest full-length album by Ras G, on Leaving Records. The official release date is April 20. We have the vinyl shipping now.

April 19: Release party at Hi Hat, 5043 York Blvd, Los Angeles. 8PM, All Ages, $10. Tickets

Ras G: OG L.A. luminary with a heartfelt no-fucks-given attitude, a prolific free-form creator in the underground beat scene since the early 2000s. Ras has several albums and beat-tapes on Leaving Records, and others with Brainfeeder, Poobah, FatBeats, and Street Corner Music.

"Stargate Music is a record that I livicated to the Womb-man … to the Vagina
which I have come to call The Stargate from which beings emanate life on this planet. I gathered these sound pieces and presented it as a reflection of the life cycle of beings on this planet. From The Primordial Water Formation we flow thru The Stargate to which we are given Life … and one's great journey reconnecting and returning to the sweet nectar that is The Stargate … and this is the soundtrack to the journey."
– Ras G

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