DVD Secondhand Sureshots the film
RECORD 12-inch Picture Disc, original music by Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G, plus a megamix by Kutmah
SLIPMATS Left & Right.
SLEEVES Hand-screened gatefold LP sleeves individually printed by Hit+Run

Here's the short and sweet…

Secondhand Sureshots is a filmed experiment in creative sound recycling. Dublab Dublab directors Bryan “Morpho” Younce & Mark "frosty" McNeill sent beatmakers Daedelus, Nobody, J.Rocc and Ras G on safari into L.A. thrift stores with orders to make new music out of five finds while the cameras filmed the whole process. The result is a mini-documentary about putting new life into old vinyl.  Over 2 hours of footage, music & bonus material.

Secondhand Sureshots will be released Mar. 9, 2010 as DVD & CD, distributed by Stones Throw. 

The Deluxe Super Set is a true sound and vision experiment. Dublab scoured Southern California and rescued 500 gatefold LP covers from dusty thrift store bin obscurity. Our graphic friends at Hit+Run took the covers and screen-printed them by hand, making new visual masterpieces to house the first public release of Secondhand Sureshots. Stuffed in this package is all-exclusive material sampled and shredded into new forms fine-tuned to blow your mind. We hope it inspires you to make your own creative gems and jams!

Download MP3 – J.Rocc “Secondhand Sureshots” an original track, from the Secondhand Sureshots picture disc.

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