Savath & Savalas – The Predicate (Dub Version)
$9.99, Album,
exclusive digital pre-release at Stones Throw

We really enjoyed Savath and Savalas’s La Llama. It served as an excellent summer soundtrack, with Eva Puyelo Muns’ breathy vocals sliding around casual melodies and caressing beats crafted by Prefuse 73 and Roberto Carlos Lange. Well, summer’s gone, fall is upon us and winter will be here soon. So this entry into the Savath and Savalas book – etched by a new production entity we know only as “The Predicate” (Prefuse knows all types) – fits perfectly. Who woulda thunk it – La Llama, the “Catalan-folk-psych with minimalist-electronic-sensibilities” re-imagined as an excursion in neo-dub? Not us, but La Llama: The Semi Dub Porn Version eases us into autumn with a just enough bounce to remind us of the warm days past.

MP3: Savath & Savalas “Pavo Real Plucked”

Savath & Savalas – The Predicate (Dub Version) will be released worldwide on CD January 2010.