“Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne form like Voltron to become production duo Tuxedo, the latest contestants on MASS APPEAL’s Rhythm Roulette. The pair stopped by Good Records—the shop, not the label—on East 5th Street in NYC, tied bandanas over their eyes, and grabbed up three random records to sample.

Although the soundtrack to Blue Thunder had them somewhat perplexed, they also came up with a 12-inch single by Log, and the Gamble & Huff sure shot, MFSB’s Love is the Message.

You already know Jake One’s steez: from Chance the Rapper to 50 Cent, Drake, and Fun, the versatile Seattle beat smith gets it in wherever he feels. Hawthorne’s light-hearted brand of blue-eyed soul has won him fans since his 2009 Stones Throw debut. Tuxedo’s danceable tracks have an undeniable pop sensibility, they also show a heavy G-Funk and 80s electro influence, which shines through on the beat they built for us.


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